To speak of religious liberty in Islam—many will say—is a mockery. Moreover, the religious toleration in Islam is tinged with social discrimination. One point must be mentioned in this connection, and that concerns the treatment of backsliders or apostates from Islam. The strongest curse is pronounced upon those who turn away from Islam after being enlightened by the true religion. The Wahhabis, the puritans of Islam, even laid a ban upon smoking and upon every kind of love and dance music. While holding closely to the Qur’an it is manifestly impossible to give an adequate picture of present-day Islam without reference to other sources. All countries under Muslim rule are officially ‘dry’ has been achieved by the simple admonition in the Qur’an which, of course, has the same force as a command. Wherever in Muslim countries shops are found which sell alcoholic beverages, they are owned by either Christians or Jews.