This chapter describes the Regime being railed against by the Rant, that is, the current-day neoliberal and neoconservative ascendancy at work. As a political movement, neoconservatism advocates the assertive promotion of U.S. national interest in international affairs, particularly through military means. Its defining characteristics are military aggression, self-righteous religiously, and pursuing an unapologetic strain of America First. With regard to neoliberalism, that economic policy resurrects aspects of 19th-century laissez-faire economic liberalism, an aggressive brand of capitalism that emphasizes the individual as the basic unit in society. Since roughly 1980, these two ideologies have combined to become the hegemonic force that dictates our global moment—with calamitous results. Neoliberal greed impoverishes the great majority of people, enriches beyond measure the very few, unleashes corporations as unchecked private agents, all while plundering and destroying the natural environment. Neoconservative vainglory then builds a wall around all that it deems to be Good and Right in a kind of holy crusade against the desolation provoked by neoliberalism. After 40 years of dominance, this Regime has produced a desperate and perilous world that looks to be teetering on the brink of cataclysm. This neoliberal–neoconservative power coalition is the dangerous false orthodoxy against which Rants warn.