Chapter 6 describes the critical communicative methodology (CCM), the methods and analysis prescribed to the methodology, and the pragmatic mixed methods transformational design that Chan used and adapted in her study. As CCM aims to work alongside and empower participants from vulnerable communities and has been used minimally in bullying research before, this chapter contributes an alternate model of data collection, analysis, knowledge mobilization, and data dissemination to other studies on bullying. As with Chapters 7–9, this chapter also presents a model and point of reference for other researchers to consider. As the three phases of the study coincided the election campaign and inauguration of the US President Donald Trump and the bombing of the Sainte-Foy mosque in Quebec City, Canada, this chapter illustrates how a methodology must match contemporary realities, the value of qualitative study during such a time, and the relevancy of a small sample given the controversial topic of religious bullying amidst such socio-political affairs.