Synectics was developed by William J. Gordon. Like brainstorming it is a complete problem solving process and is particularly useful for problem identification and idea development. Synectics encourages the use of analogies to make the familiar strange: through using personal, direct, symbolic, and fantasy analogies. It takes place with a group of people and a facilitator. The direct analogy compares the problem with homogeneous facts, information, or technology. A heating system might be compared with a volcano, and from this, new ideas may arise. A direct analogy is a mechanism by which people try to make comparisons with analogous facts, information, or technology. Decision-making can be likened to finding one’s way across paths over a marsh. There are many pitfalls and wrong turnings along the way. The leader needs to check with the problem owner to see if any of the absurd solutions intrigue, fascinate, or appeal to them.