It's important to recognize that the young lovers were not lovers, in fact, but adventurers – adventurers in love. Sometimes Rosetta is attached by the scenario to second Zanni Pulcinella, sometimes to first Zanni, Coviello. But it is true that the iconographic evidence shows very often a personnage who is well-muscled, then sometimes an old bourgeois and, more rarely, a little old man. Nothing, absolutely nothing in it is true, except the spirit in which it is written, which gives the reader a good idea of the personnage of Scaramouche. Whatever, the personnage remains the same: he is always first Zanni, usually with Pulcinella as second - and he always makes a dupe of him. Servants are always attributed to their masters unless they have no specific boss, in which case they are down as Da se. A strong, exuberant woman, totally independent, definitely wearing the trousers in Pulcinella's house.