In recent years the tendency has swung the way, showing Benedict Arnold personally leading the American force at the battle of Freeman’s Farm, and, due possibly to the accepted dislike of General Gates, Arnold has frequently been accorded the honour of winning the victories on both September 19th and October 7th. Probably before phase two of the action in the centre began or possibly synchronizing with it, Colonel Morgan’s and Henry Dearborn’s men clashed with Simon Fraser’s column which had taken position on rising ground to the westward of Freeman’s Farm, from where it was concealed by the dense woods. In common with his contemporaries, both British and German, General Sir John Burgoyne failed to observe the remarkable feature of the battle of Freeman’s Farm—the introduction of a new method of warfare—the tactics of Morgan’s sharpshooters. At Arnold’s suggestion and on Gates’s agreement, Morgan and Dearborn marched out of camp to seek the enemy.