In Magadhe, in a Brahmin colony (agrahara) called Salmali, lived Soma Sarma and Kapile. They had a son; as he was born with four teeth, he was named Canakya. As Canakya grew, he learnt the four Vedas, six anagas, eighteen dharma sastras, mimamsa, Grammar, Logic, Prosody, Poetics, Lexicography, Poetry, Drama, salihotra, Medicine, Palmistry, Ethics and other diciplines. After learning these, he went to the Jain sages, got trained in the ways of religion, followed Jain rituals and achieved equanimity. After the holy-wandering, he went to Pāṭalīputra. There, a minister called Sakatala, who was impressed with Canakya’s erudition and personality, offered his daughter in marriage to him.