Drawing on our intention to contribute to the provision of digital literacies in the community-based adult EAL settings with the help of our research, this concluding chapter brings together the threads of the argument central to this book. Langfield attempted to do its best to provide opportunities for learning digital literacies, but it was a day-to-day battle. Langfield’s teachers tried new things with digital technologies and wanted to do more for their learners, but they did not have enough centralised support and resources to develop deeper knowledge about digital literacies. Both metaphorically and literally, Langfield was generally left to its own devices in terms of its overall institutional approach to digital literacies, classroom practices, and relevant professional learning. Combining what was learned in this research, this chapter outlines a set of significant implications for (1) curriculum and pedagogy, (2) professional learning, (3) leadership, (4) policy, and (5) future research. Drawing on our maintained relationships with Langfield after the completion of this research, we reflect on Langfield’s journey during the Covid-19 pandemic and a shift to online delivery of EAL as inspired by their participation in our research.