Today the old ways, of imperial adjudication and open systemic intervention cannot sustain unquestioned legitimacy. Neocolonialism is fabricating its allies by proposing a share of the centre in a seemingly new way (not a rupture but a displacement): disciplinary support for the conviction of authentic marginality by the (aspiring) elite. If the 'marginality' is being constituted as an area of the investigation, this is only because relations of power have established it as a possible object; and conversely, if power is able to take it as a target, this is because techniques of knowledge [disciplinary regulations] were capable of switching it on [investir]. A post colonialist pedagogy, looking at the title Genesis on the screen, can help us acknowledge the over determinations, see glasnost and its attendant outbursts of the sub-nationalisms in the Soviet periphery within the curious logic of post-coloniality.