Jelebu is an administrative District of the Malayan State of Negri Sembilan, and was also a major district (luak) of the traditional polity. Negri Sembilan has attracted more anthropological attention than other parts of Malaya because of the matrilineal organization of the Malay inhabitants. Jelebu is the most isolated of the major areas of Negri Sembilan. Jelebu was also relatively isolated in the past when water transport was the principal means of communication in Malaya. The rivers of Jelebu drain towards Pahang and the east coast, unlike those of the rest of the state which flow to areas of greater population and development on the west coast. In a few places the confluence of rivers and gentler terrain make possible a greater concentration of population. The town plays an important part in village life. It is the centre of administration, and the place where the villager disposes of his rubber and buys many of his consumer goods.