This chapter argues that attenuation of high-caste privileges in contemporary Rangama and Devideniya, caste is as pervasive in this community today as it was at the turn of the century. An observer familiar with the caste structure in this community during the baseline period would no doubt find remarkable the relatively small degree to which, today, inequalities of birth give rise to inequalities of opportunity and privilege. The commercialization of what were once caste duties has been carried furthest by the Hena. The Rangama Hena represent an interesting case of a caste that has retained a monopoly of its traditional occupation while simultaneously flouting caste rules in refusing to discriminate as to the caste of the recipients of its services. The achievements of the low castes in this community and the dramatic decrease in high-caste privileges might lead one to conclude that caste in this community is no longer important as a basis for structuring relationships.