This chapter discusses the ways in which the theoretical objectives of the study influenced the selection of the general locale and the specific community within which field research was carried out. The Sinhalese people are divided by historical experience into two main groups the Kandyan Sinhalese and the Low Country Sinhalese. The Kandyan Sinhalese are those who reside within the boundaries of the former Kandyan kingdom in the interior of the island, which remained independent until the British conquest in 1815. A knowledge of the Kandyan kingdom is a necessary beginning to this study of stratification. In order to pursue the theoretical objectives of the study the research locale had to be one which satisfied three criteria. Apart from the monsoon seasons, which bring torrential showers and an abundance of leeches, the Rangama/Devideniya community was a pleasant research locale, being surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful scenery and favoured by a pleasant climate.