This chapter focuses on anti-secularisms of the right. In Christianity, the biblical phrase “render unto Caesar” has often been read as a call to quietism. God wanted them at a remove from politics, and politics at a remove from them. The United States is often thought to be among the sturdiest citadels of secularism in the world. When groups like the Evangelicals returned to public life in the 1960s and 1970s they were not fixated on something specifically called “secularism.” A more sophisticated charge focuses on “secular elites.” The phrase has the advantage of being ambiguously broad and sharpening contrasts with the enemy. People are born and raised as Tamils, Poles, Bangladeshis, Jews, Catholics, Muslims, members of a caste or tribe, male, female, what have people. But they are rarely born and raised as secularists, nor are people inclined to self-identify as such.