To see how the classics were treated in the Renaissance classroom, the author would like to begin with the Osservationi d’Oratio Toscanella della famiglia di Maestro Luca Fiorentino, sopra l’opere di Virgilio, per discoprire, e insegnare a porre in prattica gli artifici importantissimi dell’arte poetica con gli essempi di Virgilio stesso. Ann Moss has pointed out that many if not all the organizational features of the Renaissance commonplace book can be traced back to techniques developed in the environment of thirteenth-century preaching rhetoric. At a conference held at Villa I Tatti in June, 1999, James Hankins stimulated a lively discussion over which elements of content or method allow one to distinguish a Renaissance commentary from its medieval predecessors. In Humanism and Education in Medieval and Renaissance Italy, Robert Black begins where Grafton and Jardine left off, focusing on the medieval background to humanist philological teaching. .