This chapter explores several case studies of microcelebrities both in India and abroad. Authenticity often involves revealing intimate details about one’s private life. Many influencers believe they have to Instagram, tweet, Facebook, blog, or YouTube every event in their life. In fact, microcelebrity culture is based on the belief that an event has not happened unless it has been digitally documented and posted online. Zoe Elizabeth Sugg has been uploading videos on YouTube since 2009. She started with her beauty and lifestyle channel called “Zoella” and launched another channel that focused on day-in-the-life videos called “More Zoella” in 2012. PewDiePie is the online persona of Felix Kjellberg, one of the most popular persons on YouTube. In 2017, Disney and YouTube both cut ties with him after Wall Street Journal reported that some of his videos included “anti-Semitic jokes or Nazi imagery”.