Pandemics and plagues have caused changes to homes over the centuries, especially relating to cleanliness and sanitation and the separation between public and private spaces. This chapter reviews the role of the home, as it evolved and changed over time, as a background to considering the long-term implications of Covid-19 and containment measures on the concept, functions, and role of the home. The home became the center stage for all daily life activities, including working, shopping, and exercising. Both time and space were compressed and family relationships were intensified, for better or for worse. The chapter presents a historical perspective of how attitudes to the role of the home have changed over time, both for utilitarian purposes and as a social context. It discusses how activities moved out from homes in recent years to public and commercial spaces and how Covid-19 found many homes inadequate for multiple functions. The chapter reviews what could constitute a sustainable home and how the home could support a sustainable lifestyle. It presents a perspective as seen from Israel.