The question we address in this chapter is whether cities will change in response to post-Covid-19 trends. Cities have survived and grown from strength to strength over the centuries, despite adverse conditions and crises. However, the changing role of the home and the increasing focus on neighborhoods may change the functions and design of central business districts and residential neighborhoods and the accessibility networks, which link them internally and externally.

Chapter 6 focuses on how the accelerating and decelerating trends during the pandemic are changing how cities are functioning. It pays particular attention to the implications of digitalization and decentralization on the future of city centers, which lost businesses and functions. It reviews approaches to sustainable cities and discusses whether cities will be more or less sustainable if accelerated digitalization increases home working, online shopping, and entertainment. It suggests that city centers may need to redefine their roles and that neighborhood will take the lead, following preference for local activities and micro-mobility. It presents a perspective as seen from Israel.