Contemporary finance education has no place for community in its equations and calculations. However, this book has shown that there are many diverse communities all over the world, and they embrace varied rituals and practices in finance, some of which may be inspired by faith and belief. Like rainforests, communities can be ecosystems of hope and nourishment for all humanity – they embrace history, a moral and social conscience, and a deep understanding and experience of interdependence. In this chapter, we look closely at the meaning and variety of communities and the vast networks and social capital they bring, often with a strong moral compass. Communities are homes of belonging, compassion and honour and grassroots spaces of mutual support. Trust is nurtured and ripples widely, encouraging mutuality and servant leadership. They are priceless assets to engage with if we are to reform society and encourage a sustainable finance. To ignore, dismiss, destroy or deny them has been one of the biggest failures of finance science and education.