Culture and belief play a significant role in moulding character. Character gives people a variety of soft skills in communication, relationship building and volunteering. Role models and leaders are often visible directly in communities, rather than on far-away celebrity posters. A deep understanding and experience of interdependence is moulded from a young age if one is brought up with good values and shared experiences. When schooling and scientific knowledge is added to this, a sustainable leadership trajectory is unleashed, which can be a huge asset to any organisation. In finance, experience of volunteering helps people understand the limits of money and the importance of prudence so that there is enough to give to charity. This understanding is not intellectual but experiential. Many cultures produce outstanding finance leaders, who understand risk and resilience, and are keen to maintain inter-generational equity. These tacit skills are elaborated in this chapter, with stories and examples by which organisations can appreciate and harness them towards sustainable growth.