In Don Quixote , Cervantes aptly pointed out that “To be lucky at the beginning is everything.” When a team reaches the middle point in a disruption initiative, they can begin to experience some slouching. In the 1980s, Dr. Connie Gersick began studying how groups fall through these slumping traps. Punctuated equilibrium suggests that organizations enjoy long periods of stability or equilibrium. When an organization faces a significant decision, therefore, senior leaders have the responsibility of framing the problem for themselves and others. People who understand the power of framing also know its capacity to exert influence. Welcome as penicillin was for treating wounded soldiers, scientists also discovered its effectiveness in eliminating syphilis. A pernicious mental phenomenon related to over-reliance on the status quo is known as anchoring. Most historians agree Kennedy and the participants who planned the invasion made some fundamental errors in judgment that they didn’t repeat during the missile crisis.