In Landing in the Executive Chair, the author introduced "F2 Leadership" to illustrate the importance of balancing firmness and fairness. For more than 20 years, the author have aggregated data from Disruptive Leaders who have reached the level of vice president or higher in the author client companies, with companies in construction, manufacturing, health care, financial services, and food represented. Explaining culture started as a well-intended attempt to understand how humans work together, and then it gradually morphed into a La Brea Tar Pit where good intentions go to die amid all the dinosaurs and fossilized specimens of organizational decisions. Hiring Disruptive Leaders and creating a culture of disruption doesn't happen overnight, but it has to begin with a dedication from senior leaders and board members to top-grade talent. The theory of creative destruction assumes that long-standing arrangements and assumptions must be destroyed to free up resources and energy to be deployed for innovation.