Canadian society is witnessing a large-scale and highly vocal campaign to draw attention to the fate of missing and murdered Aboriginal women. Crucially for a prevailing stereotype related to the issue, nearly 90 percent of murders of Aboriginal women were solved, a rate that barely differed from that of non-Aboriginal women. This chapter proposes an adjusted agenda for activism and advocacy around the issue of murdered, missing, and otherwise-victimized Aboriginal Canadians. It seeks to do justice to both the special and the disproportionate vulnerabilities of First Nations women, especially with regard to domestic and sexual violence, and to the so-far ignored population of murdered, missing, and otherwise-victimized Aboriginal men. What people urgently need is a well-resourced inquiry into the roots of violence in and against Aboriginal communities. The white/European racism, hubris, and obliviousness are continues to fuel the Aboriginal social crisis and to prompt violence by whites/Europeans against Aboriginal women and men.