One symbolic problem surrounding ethnic discrimination and racism today is hate speech. Hate speech can be considered as an inflammatory act to promote social discrimination which creates hostility and hate toward a certain individual or group, based on attributes such as race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. In Japanese society, hate speech is mainly against Zainichi Koreans, and cases on the Internet, in street demonstrations, etc. have increased since 2009. Modern cultural values are based on “a strong belief in justice,” “a sense of right” and “racial equality,” which are valued by most Caucasians. However, within their cognitive, motive, and sociocultural process lie prejudice between groups, and most white people have negative emotions and beliefs regarding African-Americans. According to most research resources, Hispanic-Americans do not show a high rate of mental disorders. Most studies on the mental health of Hispanics in the United States consider Mexican-Americans, as this is the largest Hispanic group.