As described in Kymlicka's “external protections” and “internal restrictions,” the issues surrounding “Zainichi” must be considered by separating “issues involving Japanese society and ‘Zainichi’ society” and the “internal issues of a ‘Zainichi.’” “Issues involving Japanese society and ‘Zainichi’ society” include the view of contempt and discriminatory treatment shown to “Zainichi” that even remains today. “Internal issues of a ‘Zainichi’” should also be divided into the consideration of the person's “private sphere” and “public sphere.” The private sphere includes family issues within “Zainichi” society, such as the Confucian view on the value of the patriarch within a “Zainichi” household. Issues in the public sphere include problems related to ethnic activities of the “Zainichi,” activities within the “Zainichi” community establishment, and empowerment activities of the “Zainichi.” Here, author would like to focus on problems in the public sphere, within the internal issues of a “Zainichi.”.