This chapter covers digital writing, which currently takes many forms—a website, an email message, a blog or Instagram post, a text message, a tweet, a Facebook status update, a comment on a post on a website, a response to an article on a website or blog, a story uploaded to an online zine, a self-published novel, a book review on Goodreads, and so on.

Writing in the digital landscape is changing as people rely on their smartphones and tablets, rather than on fixed, desktop computers to communicate globally with no limitations of physical geography. It is changing as people respond to messages, often 24/7, across international time zones. It is changing with greatly increased interaction between writers and readers as writers aim for meaningful connection through social media in the current ‘participatory’ culture.

A huge plus for graduates coming into the workplace is that a cursory scan of job sites reveals that opportunities abound for social media managers and content creators with skills in writing for social media platforms. A typical advertised position for a digital strategist requires skills in content creation and exceptional copywriting skills.