This chapter covers the way in which academic documents are researched, written, and published to increase the base of scholarly knowledge. The main genres that academics rely on to do this are the annotated bibliography, the literature review, and the research essay/paper. These documents are ubiquitous in the university; they are also central to many government and industry workplaces. Reports requiring academic research are common in the professional workplace, as are research-based articles for trade magazines and websites.

The chapter covers how to create an annotated bibliography: a list of documents such as books, papers, and articles (in hard copy and online) that includes a description of each document’s content and comments on its value. This is followed by a section on creating a literature review, which is an overview of what scholars have written about a specific topic, and when and where they have published their contribution to knowledge about the topic. This is followed by a section on creating a research essay/paper, which takes content from the sources uncovered in the literature review and moves on from them to make an argument.

A further section discusses style and presentation of academic documents.