The chapter begins by exploring a real example of how in a nursery setting, writing can be developed in sophisticated but actionable fashion. It prompts a reflection on how writing may be creative, but it also requires sensitive and systematic explicit instruction. The model of the ‘Simple View of Writing’ is introduced to help offer a workable model that helps school teachers and leaders to navigate the complexity of writing development research in a way that relates it to classroom practices. The challenge of handwriting fluency and legibility is posed as a crucial foundation for writing. This vital aspect of transcription is then characterised through the anecdote of the author’s son, Noah, and his handwriting struggles. Prompt questions for handwriting instruction are offered, alongside insights into typical handwriting barriers. The concurrent transcription issue of spelling challenges is explored, with a model for addressing ‘common spelling challenges’ being proposed. The chapter then unpicks the research underpinning teaching the writing process. The challenging, recursive, and ‘messy’ nature of the writing process is explored, with planning, revision, and editing being explored further and practical approaches exemplified.