The challenge of developing grammar for pupils’ writing is explored. Long-standing grammar debates are recalled, with a focus on the more recent applications of English grammar, punctuation, and spelling assessments. There is an explicit recognition that many teachers lack confidence and grammar knowledge due to their own school experience. As a result, the chapter goes on to characterise the building blocks of grammar – word groups – so that teachers can establish a shared language and understanding of the role of grammar in pupils’ writing. This is followed by a synthesis of key punctuation marks, such as the semi-colon, the colon, and the dash, and their role in the writing process. Common grammar errors exhibited by pupils are unpicked, with evidence-informed approaches to embedding grammar for writing being shared, such as the LEAD model developed by Professor Debra Myhill and colleagues at Exeter University. The chapter ends with a characterisation of ‘top 10 grammar moves for academic writing’.