This chapter characterises disciplinary writing: the specific array of writing moves that characterise how experts write historical texts, science records, narratives in English, annotations in art, and more. It begins by exploring exemplification, such as how a historian writes, along with a comparison on an informational text from geography and a narrative text from English. The close parallels and differences between general academic vocabulary and distinct disciplinary writing are explored via exemplification. The Education Endowment Foundation model for ‘disciplinary literacy’ is explained, with an exploration of the differences in different school phases. The chapter ends with a series of subject specific examples of disciplinary writing. For example, it addresses the vocabulary of science writing, annotation in art and design, and evaluative writing in geography. The chapter ends by synthesising and comparing some common disciplinary writing moves across a range of subjects. This initiates a call for subject specific reflections to best define the disciplinary writing moves across all subject disciplines.