Zimbabwe has experienced widespread emigration in recent years, concealing the fact that for more than a century, it served as both a sending and a receiving nation for migrants. In addition to being a recipient and sender of migrants, Zimbabwe is a transit country to nations with better economic prospects and political stability than Zimbabwe. It is a signatory to both global and regional migration protocols. However, given that they are restricted to designated refugee camps, illegal immigrants and refugees do not have much freedom of movement under its immigration regulations. Once apprehended, illegal immigrants are deported. Despite its recent bad economic performance, the nation is still a favourite among people looking for possibilities. However, for refugees, favourable protection environment is influenced by access to chances for earning a living, the development of skills, education, health, safety and security, as well as peaceful coexistence with the host community. In addition, refugees must have access to money to make daily life easier if they are to live with dignity.