The need for authentic information to portray the reality on the ground called for the use of research tools applicable across the Southern African region and in the selected cities. Chapter 2 provides an insight into tools and strategies that were used by authors to gather information. For this study, information was gathered at two levels using two broad strategies. At one level was the search for information which covers the whole region. Given the vast expanse of the area under consideration, the authors employed desk top research in order to get to the core of issues. The availability of national and international databases on the internet made it easy to target and access such data resources. Access to country-specific information such as government policies and legislations was equally possible through internet sources. The other level was the city-specific level where information peculiar to the city vis-à-vis immigrants was crucial. A number of research strategies were employed to achieve this mandate such as through the use of key informants, surveys and focus group discussions. Hence this chapter, which is a representation of research tools and strategies used to collect empirical evidence and secondary data, provides a useful insight into how information on migrants was collected and analysed.