Despite its economic situation, Malawi does have its fair share of immigrants. It is a migrant sending and receiving country as well as a transit country. The origination of immigrants from the Great Lakes region has been a major cause for public and scholarly concern. While most of the immigrants are legally located in the country, there has been an increased number of immigrants who locate themselves illegally without due documents. Based on conducted qualitative study, this chapter looks at the experience of migrants in Lilongwe, with regard to their integration, access to basic services and interaction with authorities. Malawi receives a lot of refugees from the war-torn countries in the Great Lake region. People looking for better prospects within the country or abroad frequently choose it because of its stable political climate and lax immigration laws. The findings reviewed that due to the impoverished state on Malawi, migrants’ experience is not favourable. Hence, they use it as a transit country to other economically better off countries in the Southern Africa.