Johannesburg serves as the region’s economic hub and draws immigrants from inside South Africa as well as from every part of the continent. Johannesburg has maintained its reputation as the top destination for immigrants both from the region and from beyond. Hence, a large number of forced and voluntary migrants reside in the city. Thus, this chapter reflects on the experiences of migrants based on the qualitative study conducted in Johannesburg. Despite several initiatives aimed at integrating migrants, the reality is that migrants face significant challenges in many facets of their life. Immigrants, both legal and illegal, have been accused of taking the jobs of locals and contributing to the lowering of wages. These sentiments are not only expressed by the members of the public but also at senior government levels and at times are even reflected in official documents. Issues of migrant integration is influenced by local community sentiments, and in Johannesburg, migrants still face challenges. The violent attacks and deaths of African immigrant by South Africans have been documented, which is consistent with ‘the entrenched and systemic’ xenophobia ‘in South African society’.