This chapter sets out the main contexts in which social work with people with dementia and carers is practised, together with the principle tasks involved. The primary focus in the chapter is on communication, observation, assessment and empathy skills, although it is stressed that social workers need to employ the full range of social work skills required when working in a multi-disciplinary context. This includes skills in inter-professional working, networking and advocacy. The chapter stresses the importance of being able to practise using person-centred, strengths-based and systemic approaches. In addition, it highlights the ability to both understand the needs of and provide support to carers. Stress factors for carers and how to relieve them are considered. In the final section, the chapter discusses the usefulness of applying theories of the life course, change and loss. Underpinning everything is the skill of critical reflection which, amongst other things, provides a guard against lapsing into stereotyped thinking and failing to recognise the individual.