Mr. Kyoshi, the deputy leader of the Nagasaki Water Guard, whose second-floor office window in downtown Nagasaki faced south, saw only the reflection of a great light on the waters of Nagasaki Harbor. One year after the war started, the new Father Tamaya was assigned to a church in Kuroshima, a small island in Sasebo Bay, about forty miles from Nagasaki. Tsuka Ninimiya, telephone operator for the Nagasaki Telephone Company, was sitting in front of her switchboard in the main office, when a pale light flashed through the window facing her. Commander Kamizaki of the Fatherland Defense Corps had stopped by the warden’s office, and for quite a while the two men discussed the progress of the work being done by the prisoners. Just before eleven, the commander returned to his own office and the warden returned to his paperwork.