This chapter scrutinizes the types of relations that maintain these multiscalar do-it-yourself (DIY) assemblages together, and how they correlate with the shared values and ideas of American DIY communities. It emphasizes the significance of two types of relations of social intimacy employed by American DIY participants in their constitution of local and translocal DIY communities: the importance of social and cultural participation and the utilization of reciprocal social relations within American DIY culture. The chapter demonstrates the interrelatedness of these two types of social interactions of intimacy with the local and translocal aspects of place and space, and how the combination of these elements of social practice and place facilitate the establishment and maintenance of intimate DIY communities in the United States. Moreover, it also analyzes how participation and reciprocity that constitute the material level of American DIY communities also inform their cultural levels manifested through DIY aesthetics, and DIY music performance and sound.