The “vastness” of place, climate, diversity, history, segregation, architecture, local institutions, and economy of Los Angeles have all contributed to the specific character, politics, and aesthetics of its local do-it-yourself (DIY) scenes, three of which the author discusses in this chapter: west Los Angeles, South Bay, and the east/southeast Los Angeles DIY scenes. The city of Los Angeles is almost seven times larger in population than Portland. Los Angeles proper has around 3,800,000 inhabitants and the entire Los Angeles metropolitan area currently raises the number up to 10 million people. At 45.1 percent, Los Angeles area had in 2014 the largest Hispanic/Latinx population of all metropolitan places in the United States. Los Angeles’s entertainment and arts character informed also the early 2010 DIY scenes, and specifically local DIY shows, which was evident, for example, in their promotion, programming, and their general design.