Chapter 5 focuses on helping the reader become more aware of the many ways we criticize ourselves and the adverse impact such criticism has on us. The chapter guides the reader to understand that we often criticize ourselves in unhelpful ways, particularly when we face emotionally demanding situations which can further compound our experience of such situations. The core aim of this chapter is to introduce a transformational experiential task that will assist the reader in transforming their experience of self-criticism by being more aware of it, being able to see its impact, and being able to articulate what they may need in the face of such criticism. In doing so the chapter aims to assist the reader in learning how to look after themselves when they are being impacted by the criticism and learn to set boundaries with the Self-Critic. The chapter also presents case examples to guide the reader about how to undertake the Self-Critic task and provides detailed step-by-step guidance sheets so that they can undertake the task themselves. The chapter concludes with a summary sheet and quiz for self-assessment.