Chapter 6 focuses on helping the reader learn how to transform and heal the interpersonal emotional injuries that they may have experienced in relationships. It explores how many triggers of our core emotional pain often stem from previous difficult or challenging interactions with other people, especially when such interactions happened during developmentally sensitive times, but also at any time if they are particularly painful. Repeated or prolonged painful experiences often result in deeply entrenched emotional injuries that adversely affect many aspects of our present lives. This chapter aims at gradually helping the reader learn how to work through such emotional injuries, so that they can stay with vulnerable and painful feelings, be able to articulate what they need from themselves or from others, and learn how to have these needs or vulnerabilities responded to and recognized. The chapter also presents case examples to guide the reader about how to undertake the Transforming Interpersonal Emotional Injury task and provides detailed step-by-step guidance sheets for undertaking the task. It also offers a variant task for the unexpected loss of a significant caring other person. The chapter concludes with a summary sheet and quiz for self-assessment.