Chapter 4 (Climate Politics at the Margins: The Greens, Labor Unions, Think Tanks, Environmental NGOS, and the Grass-Roots Climate Movement) examines the relationship between the Green Party, which, in contrast to the two major parties, has adopted a policy of leaving coal in the ground, and the Australian climate movement. It also presents an overview of various layers in the Australian climate movement: (1) a mainstream layer consisting of the labor unions and various thinks, particularly the Climate Council; (2) environmental NGOs, particularly the Australian Conservation Foundation, Greenpeace, and Friends of the Earth; and (3) a grass-roots layer consisting of climate action summits, climate action groups, Rising Tide, socialist groups with a strong anti-capitalist and eco-socialist stance, the Lock the Gate Alliance, the Stop Adani campaign, and most recently the School Strike 4 Climate Action and Extinction Rebellion. This chapter also situated the Australian climate movement in the context of the global climate movement.