Chapter 6 (Toward Eco-Socialism in Australia) opens with a dialogic conversation with Rod Quantock based on our sixth interview revolving around his climate change dystopian views, bordering on catastrophism, and my own vision of democratic eco-socialism as a real utopian response to the socio-ecological crisis. I briefly discuss various mainstream and radical perspectives on strategies for Australia to move to a more environmentally sustainable and climatically safe space. I explore system-challenging transitional steps needed to shift Australia toward an eco-socialist vision. In doing so, I discuss various eco-socialist visions, including socialist eco-feminism, as well as eco-anarchist and de-growth visions on how to transcend capitalism and its economic growth paradigm. I also seek to point out how in various ways particularly eco-socialism and eco-anarchism share with Indigenous local knowledge concerning human-nature relationships. While I do not intend to present a blueprint as such for moving Australia toward eco-socialism, I seek to present rough guidelines designed to provoke discussion and break the impasse encountered by many eco-socialists on how to go from A to B, namely the existing capitalist system to eco-socialism as a global phenomenon, with multiple national expressions, including in Australia.