Rommel had every intention of retiring slowly and of holding Tripoli until mid-February. Three days after abandoning Tripoli, he moved his headquarters across the Tunisian border to Ben Gardane, the first important town. The weariness and the humiliation of the constant retreat were about over. The opportunity to reverse the situation was at hand. As the possibility of offensive action began to fill Rommel with exhilaration, the drastic blow fell. Like Rommel, Fredendall dreamed of glory. Fredendall was overjoyed by his success. Telephoning Eisenhower’s representative, Truscott, in the middle of the day, he positively crowed. Stack turned around and marched northward during the night. In the dark both literally and figuratively, he had no idea of what was going on. The Americans were not about to threaten the coastal region of the eastern shore. The vital point in Tunisia had suddenly shifted to Faid, where the Battle of Kasserine had begun.