The narrow-gauge railroad between Constantine and Tebessa, the main supply depot for the American troops in Tunisia, could carry only about one-third of the daily requirements of the II Corps. Fredendall had, in effect, done Ward's job he had placed Ward's units in specific locations and he had given them specific tasks to perform. Since Anderson was giving Fredendall's affairs a rather close and detailed supervision, Fredendall saw no reason why he should not adopt a similar method with Ward. Though Fredendall had made only one short visit to Sbeitla, he as much as took command of Ward's division. Senior officers in the 1st Armored Division recognized the error of Fredendall's dispositions, but they could persuade neither him nor his staff members to make the personal reconnaissance that would have quickly showed how easily the forces on Lessouda and Ksaira could be marooned.