Rommel was all for exploiting the success, since the seizure of Sbeitla and Feriana had upset the Allied dispositions far more than the plans for Fruehlingswind and Morgenlust had anticipated. Recognizing that “a unique opportunity is now offered to force a decisive success in Tunisia,” and convinced that the Mareth positions would be safe from attack for another week or longer, Comando Supremo authorized a deep thrust to the north. While retaining command of the troops manning the Mareth Line, Rommel was to concentrate between Sbeitla and Tebessa all the available mobile elements of his own Italo-German Panzerarmee as well as the 10th and 21st Panzer Divisions formerly assigned to Arnim and now placed under his control. Rommel planned to open his command post near Feriana around noon of Friday, February 19. After progress of the initial attacks demonstrated the softer defenses and the more promising area for a slam-bang exploitation.