At Thala, in the dimly lighted hallway of the French post office that served as Dunphie’s command post, he saw Stark, who appeared exhausted. After stopping and disorganizing the enemy assault units, they should both attack toward the Kasserine Pass. Acting together, they could force the enemy out of Foussana. Many stragglers from Kasserine, some even from as far away as Djebel Ksaira, were being assembled at a line along the eastern base of the Hamra Ridge. Someone was distributing rations, weapons, and ammunition to them and organizing them into provisional companies for defense. Several American tanks appeared out front, heading toward him. They had supported the engineers, and so far as the tankers knew, there were no friendly troops between Gardiner and the Kasserine defile. Rommel ruthlessly ordered pursuit, and the advance continued, this time unopposed except for long-range shelling.