The inability of the 21st Panzer division to get through Sbiba could be only a temporary check. Once Rommel got through Thala, which seemed likely at any moment, the opposition at Sbiba would collapse. Since penetrations through Thala and Sbiba would completely disarray the Allied dispositions and open a multitude of the opportunities, Kesselring decided to go to Tunisia not only to give counsel but also to insure effective cooperation between the Rommel and the Arnim. Kesselring tried again to raise the Rommel’s spirits, pointing out the importance of Tebessa, promising reinforcements, endeavoring to dispel concern over Mareth. The commanders agreed quickly that Kesselring would inform Comando Supremo and Rommel would withdraw from Kasserine and shift to the south to oppose Montgomery. The promotion might give him confidence, stimulate his imagination, make him feel that his talent was recognized and appreciated.