Keeping in view the central role that the local level bureaucrats and implementers played in the successful implementation of policies, this chapter takes the analysis to a local level of implementation. By exploring the relationship between the government and Muslim women in the execution of the policies directed at the Muslim community, I analyse whether the policies at local level reflected the national agenda or were twisted in favour of local needs. The local case study also analyses whether the policies have been further developed and adapted. Since the Muslim women activists and organisations focus on the needs of Muslim women, the discussion is limited to those policies that might have had any impact on Muslim women directly or indirectly. Hence, in this chapter, I specifically focus on analysing the policies with reference to British Muslim women. In this chapter, I, highlight the active role of Muslim women in the execution of the governments' policies towards Muslim communities. I note that despite being critical of the government's PVE policies, the Muslim women activists themselves were quite keen to be part of the governments' policies, whether that was 'community cohesion' or Prevent, and pushed their case for more participation.