The essence of Socialism is not purely a matter of production, nor even of the distribution of goods. The man or woman is no more than a responsible part of the whole. The development, happiness and success of the individual are no longer striven after and regarded as final, but rather the development, happiness and success of all. The assertion that Bolshevism wants to destroy personality is exaggerated and superficial. A few hotheads, imagining that extravagance means consistency, may want that. The Party cannot be made responsible for them. A considerable difference exists between them and the rest of the people. The word “masses” must be understood properly. For a member of the leading class it includes by no means the whole of the remaining 90 per cent. of the people, but only “the workers”. The picture of the Communism of the future shows a class-less State, class-less too in that there will no longer be leaders and led.