This chapter considers the principal remedies that equity uses. Equitable remedies tell us as much about the principles of equity as the law of trusts and proprietary estoppel. The chapter focuses on injunctions, which are in many ways the purest form of equity in that they operate on the basis of general equitable principles so as to achieve the best result in the circumstances of any given case. The equitable remedies considered are injunctions, specific performance, account, rescission and rectification. The principles governing injunctions – as – divide between permanent injunctions, temporary injunctions and the recent furore over super-injunctions. Interim injunctions are awarded on an interim basis during litigation. The English courts have decided that, in some circumstances, they have the jurisdiction to grant freezing injunctions over assets held outside England and Wales: the so-called worldwide freezing injunction. The law on super-injunctions and the law on other injunctions seeking to protect the applicant’s privacy therefore run together.