The Moscow and Leningrad Central Theatres have regular rounds in the most unlikely places. A special Travelling Arctic Theatre set out in 1935. In 1937 they worked various river and sea routes in the extreme north, leaving out the mainland between Dickson Island and Tixie Bay, which they reserved for the following year, and so on, returning to Moscow at the end of each tour. The theatre is not static at Igarka; it makes trips in the neighbourhood, for example to Dudinka, another river-town in the Arctic tundra, farther down the Yenisei. The Leningrad Institute of the Peoples of the North, which looks after their cultural affairs, had its attention drawn to the folk-songs, dances, and dramatic games of the Arctic people in the Nanaits Peninsula, at the north of the Pechora River, west of the Urals. Kolkhoz theatres serve the Laks, Avars, and Lezgins, in Kumukh, Khunzakh, and Akhtakh respectively.